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We help you pack your schedule full of qualified Patients Who Want Your Services.

Top Marketing Provider for Functional Medicine Clinics, Med Spas, and Dermatologist

New Mark Media is a digital marketing firm that specializes in working with Functional Medicine Clinics, Med Spas, and Dermatologist. We've built a proven program made up of custom online systems called the Automated Patient Program...

Simply put...We help Functional Medicine Clinics, Med Spas, and Dermatologist book consistent appointments and turn them into frequently paying customers all on autopilot...

The Proof Behind

our marketing

While most marketing companies want to talk about the "likes" they can get you, New Mark Media focuses on actual results! We base our service on how many people purchase your service. The best part we guarantee our work!

Over Thousands of

Successful Projects. Satisfied Customers

Successful Satisfied

Projects Customers

Marketing Strategies

We've battle-tested many different strategies and spent 100's of thousands dollars in the past 10+ years to come up with the best methods to market for Medical Practices, so we know what works and doesn't work. Here are the four stages of strategy we focus on when persistently growing your Business.

Step1. Make You & Your Medi Spa The Local Super Star Using Video and Social Media Advertising

Step 2. Grow Your Database and Qualify Leads By Distraction Free Landing Pages

Step 3. Convert Your Database and Turn Them Into Paying Customers Using Our Automated Campaigns Taking the Load Off You.

Step 4. Keep Your Paying Customers Consistently Coming Back Through The Doors With Our Amazing

12 Month Follow Up Plan.

From Stranger To Raving Fan..It's All Done For You! Here's What You Get...

Custom Ad Copywriting and Design

You get copy and design from our best performing campaigns completely customized to your practice.

Hyper-Targeted Ads

We place your ads in front of a hyper-targeted, custom-built audience that shows interest in services your practice provides.

Real Time Marketing Results

You'll be able to track all leads and ROI in real-time, 24/7, right from your custom APP dashboard.

Online Reputation

Automatically build your online reputation and trust by generating 5-star reviews for your Clinic.

Sales & Retention Training

Why most marketing campaigns fail because no one is there to prepare med spas on what they should be doing to be converting successfully, that stops here with New Mark Media! We provide proven sales scripts and sales/retention training to your front desk for higher conversion rates.

Local Brand Awareness

It's simple... We make you the local superstar with engaging video and social media ads. You and your team will be signing autographs in less than 90 days :)

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